Recruitment in casinos is increasingly requested by gambling establishments. Despite the crisis, we are recruiting. Night hours are piling up and croupiers know it very well. If you work in a casino, you know right away that the hours will be tough and that you had better like numbers and mathematics.

For non-graduates, are the career opportunities that many young people try to experience. But now, casino rhymes with crooks. According to a survey carried out in May 2013, casinos have a bad image from an external point of view.

Religious people and people who have never been to a casino tend to have a negative approach to gambling establishments. They represent 35% of the population. Which is not a figure to be ignored. Bad ideas received by the outside world who have never really experienced games think that there is a jitters behind every casino.

The first majority believe that the game is often played by a majority of men. Which is entirely wrong. Women also play. Long ago, casinos were only for men. Today, this is no longer the case. Gender diversity is very present in this environment. Working in a casino is a real personal choice. It should not be taken lightly. You will live in a whole different world where you sleep during the day and you work at night.

Élisabeth croupière for 8 years testifies: “ People are apprehensive about casinos. They are convinced that you cannot have a good time in a gambling hall and that this kind of establishment is made so that you simply spend your money easily for nothing. While this is wrong. It is true that there are real probabilities of losing, but there are in particular real statistics which can make us win. Gambling should not be seen as evil. Here in the casinos there are many other attractive activities that are offered. Events, evening shows for entertainment, restaurants to eat and have a good time. The casino is not just a gambling game […] ”

Elisabeth defends her profession well, but she admits, however, that it is difficult to reconcile family and professional life given the schedules which are often staggered.

The other reason people have a bad public image of casinos is that a lot of people don’t see the recruiting aspect as a career opportunity ”[…] Who would really like to work in a casino? Is it a summer job? Nothing more ? […] ”Believe it or not, that is a totally false statement. The teams are often formed internally and the objective of gambling establishments is to keep this team united with responsibilities from the first months. A spirit of trust must be created between the staff and the manager of the casino. We try at all costs to keep the same faces, because it is on them that we will count the most in the future. The remuneration is also attractive. Even if a croupier only wins 1200 euros in the first year, there are tips that players give as a generosity. Bonuses not to be overlooked which considerably increase his salary.

Employees therefore have a real assurance of professional development and it is considered a real profession. A job that requires tact and mastery of numbers.

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